BFI consultation on its next five year plan

The BFI is inviting filmmakers to help shape it next five-year plan. The public consultation closes on 8 September.

We’ll be submitting a response from AAUK – but hope that many of you will make your own thoughts known. We’ll share a draft response for any additional input or comment soon. Meanwhile, this from AAUK member Jo Wonder:

Dear animators,

I went to the BFI Road Show in London, which was set up to provide a question and answer session about the plans for BFI 2022 .  (They will be moving to other locations now so do try to go).

Listening to their plans, I was concerned that the ‘new 2022’ policies were looking very much like the previous policies which created specific disadvantages for both women and animators.

The planned focus on the young (under 25)excludes women and some men wanting to enter, or return, to animation after child rearing.

I am also concerned that the natural flair and innovation for animation, that the UK has demonstrated in the past, will again could get buried under policy making that attempts to solve social and economic issues, rather than promote art for its own sake.

Please be active in filling out their on line form at the link below:

Best wishes, Jo